New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you having trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

Don’t worry – you are not alone.

I think it would be fair to say that the last couple of years have been difficult for many of us.  It has been a time of relentless uncertainty, loss, and unwanted change.

Covid19, Omicron and global warming have dominated the news and our anxiety levels have understandably shot up.  Perhaps, you have lost a loved one, or your job, or your belief that things will get better soon?

No point in thinking things will improve, let alone make New Year’s resolutions.

There are things we feel we have no control over, that we cannot change.  I agree.  However, we can reframe our thoughts and feelings to allow some optimism and hope for our future.

Here are 3 simple exercises which will help you reflect on how you are feeling right now; looking back on 2021 and how that was for you; and what you are hoping for or inviting in for the forthcoming year:

  1. Think about how you are feeling right now about your life and your circumstances and write 5 words to describe this
  2. Look back on the past year (both the good and the bad) and write 5 words which represent how the year was for you
  3. Now, think about 2022, and write 5 words which represent the coming year for you

I hope these simple exercises have helped you to reflect on what has gone, what you will take forward with you, and what you hope to invite for the coming year.

I work with many people who have struggled with loss and uncertainty and who are hoping to make positive change to their lives.  So, if you need more help please contact me:


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