About Lynne

Counsellor based in Newhaven, East Sussex

Life is all about change, but what if that change is unwelcome and knocks you sideways?

Hello, I am Lynne and a warm welcome to you.


I am no stranger to managing unexpected and unwelcome change, both personally and professionally.


I know how it can feel like anything from unsettling to overwhelming.

I work with people experiencing changes of all kinds to help them find a way to embrace that change and move forward in their life.

I have been a therapist for over 25 years, and I still love my work. People are fascinating to me, and I love connecting with them to help them get to know and understand themselves better in order to improve the quality of their life and relationships.

I am honest, warm, and encouraging and have a genuine desire to help you better understand yourself so you can move forward with hope and optimism.

I will listen to you and offer you the time and space to talk about whatever is troubling you.

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I will not judge or trivialise what you tell me, and I won’t tell you what to do. I may be able to offer a different perspective, something you had not thought of before which may be helpful. I may suggest techniques / exercises – and on occasion, offer you some “homework” in-between sessions with the aim of helping you make the positive changes you need. I have experience working with people from different age groups and backgrounds.


Why did I become a counsellor?

The seed was sown in my mid-twenties when I had my first experience of counselling. I came from my first session quite blown away by my counsellor’s warmth, acceptance, encouragement, quality of listening, and feeling that, finally, here was someone who was on my side and who wanted to help.

That seed grew and in 1997 I qualified from a 3-year training in Psychosynthesis Counselling and Therapy. Since then, I have gathered a wealth of experience working with people from all walks of life and I continue to be dedicated to help in whatever way I can. When, at someone’s last session, I witness the changes they have made and see the difference in the way they feel about themselves, I can’t help but feel both moved and excited.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and Therapy
  • Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Trained in Brief Solution Focused Therapy
  • Trained in Trauma and Critical Incident work
  • Trained in Group Facilitation work
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Supervision
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Testimonials . . .

Bernard and Manny

Bernard and Manny share my living space but will not enter the counselling room during our session.  They are very friendly and will probably want to greet you, but please let me know if you do not get on with cats; and of course, this could be a problem if you are allergic to cat hair.

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