Feeling overwhelmed? 

Here we are in November and back in January I wrote that the last couple of years had been challenging for many of us.  I think it would be reasonable to say that the past year has brought its fair share of relentless uncertainty, loss, and unwanted change.

This year we have witnessed a war in Europe, climate change whose impact is devastating, a cost-of-living crisis and eye-watering energy price increases which will impact all of us.  In the UK we have been rocked by scandals in the government, leading to a change of Prime Minister, who when 2 days into the job, then the Queen dies.

Whatever we think of the monarchy, the death of the Queen has brought about a huge change and reminded us of our own personal losses these past few years.  When many of us are just wanting to relax, feel secure, and look forward to a comforting Christmas – we are staring more change and uncertainty in the face.

Way back in January, for those of us who had made some New Year’s resolutions – I imagine much of that hope and good intention has gone out of the window, or possibly even forgotten about.

So many things have happened, so many significant changes.  And you will have your own story too, as we all do. 

Often, we don’t get the opportunity to tell that story.  We don’t want to burden our friends and loved ones – after all they have their own problems, and we don’t want them to worry about us. 

Who do I turn to?

So, who do you turn to when life is feeling just so overwhelming? 

Have you thought of counselling?

I work with many people who have struggled with loss and uncertainty and who are hoping to make positive change to their lives.  It is possible to allow ourselves some optimism and hope for our future.

If you would like an initial chat to see how counselling might help you, please contact me:




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